Experience the ultimate in mud crab indulgence with MACA Mud Crab!

We deliver the finest mud crabs to your nearest airport anywhere in Australia! Whether you’re a seafood connoisseur or simply craving a taste sensation, MACA Mud Crab is here to satisfy your cravings.

Want us to come to your place? Contact us through email or Facebook and treat yourself to the freshest and most delectable mud crabs available. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savour this exquisite delicacy. Elevate your dining experience with MACA today!

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For fifteen years, MACA Mud Crab has been fishing the pristine waters of the Central Queensland coast, delivering one of Australia’s finest produce Australia-wide.

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What our customers are saying...

"You can not get any fresher when purchasing off MACA Seafoods! Excellent service, very responsive to request, nothing but top quality. Nothing too big or small for them!""

Tracey Gaylard

Gladstone, Queensland

"I just wanted to say how amazing the mudcrabs were. I’m visiting home from overseas and a HUGE seafood enthusiast, and these were the biggest and best muddies I’ve ever ever had. They were outstanding. So fresh and sweet, it was a pure joy to eat them. So thank you for such a quality product! I know who I’ll be calling before I land on Aussie soil next time!""

Claire Camilleri

Dublin, Ireland