Mud Crabs

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Fresh Mud Crab to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Gladstone

BRISBANE – pick up Qantas Freight

Brisbane Airport, 8 Hibiscus Street, Eagle Farm QLD 4008
7:00am – 4:00pm

MELBOURNE – pick up Qantas Freight

11 Apac Drive, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045
7:00am – 4:00pm

SYDNEY – pick up Qantas Freight

Domestic Terminal 2, Link Road, Mascot NSW
7:00am – 4:00pm


Pick up Beecher (address will be sent as a text message on order)

Buy mud crab online

Buy mud crab online with Maca mud crabs, which have an inflexible shell that doesn’t click and is full to the brim. Our crabs are delivered all over Australia. You can expect A Grade quality with a sweet, decadent and buttery crab meat in every joint.

Indulge in the pinnacle of seafood luxury with live mud crab. Sourced from pristine coastal waters, these vibrant crustaceans arrive alive and full of flavour. Elevate your dining experience and savour the tender, sweet meat of our live mud crabs, bringing the unparalleled taste of the ocean to your table.

As crabs can weigh varying amounts, the way our buying process works is by choosing the size of crab you are looking for – small, medium or large, or a mixture. Then choosing the kilogram of crab you want. After this, we will calculate the total at the maximum chargeable amount. During packing, your crabs are weighed and any price difference is refunded to your selected payment method.

Mud Crab MINIMUM ORDER 5KG (various sized (sml/med/lrg) combined total, is acceptable)

Live Mud Crabs direct to Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria – Australia. Please email us if wanting to order outside these locations.

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Brisbane, Gladstone, Melbourne, Sydney


LARGE 1.5kg+, MEDIUM 1kg-1.5kg, SMALL 700g-1kg

Product Care

At the core of our business is a commitment to providing exceptional seafood, and we go above and beyond to exceed our quality standards with every purchase. From the moment we receive our Mud Crabs from the crab pots, they undergo a meticulous process. They are carefully washed to remove any faeces or dirt, then stored in tubs and wrapped in hessian bags soaked in continuously salt water to maintain their freshness.

To ensure your live mud crab remains fresh and in optimal condition, it is crucial to handle it with care. Store the crab in a cool and well-ventilated container, ideally with damp newspaper or a cloth to preserve humidity. For the best flavour and texture, we recommend cooking the mud crab as soon as possible after purchase.


Discloser: When going through with the selected delivery location, please note the product is delivered live. We recommend you are at your place of delivery upon arrival to ensure freshness and the longevity of product.

To ensure the optimal freshness and well-being of your live mud crab, we go the extra mile in handling and delivery. Once carefully packaged, your order is transported via Qantas Freight, known for its reliable and efficient service. It is then taken to your nearest Qantas Airfreight depot, where you can conveniently collect your live mud crab. Throughout this process, we prioritize maintaining the ideal temperature and conditions to preserve the quality of the product. Remember to keep the mud crab in a cool and well-ventilated container until you’re ready to cook, ensuring a delectable dining experience.

Door to Door

For your convenience, if you are unable to collect your live mud crab from the allocated pick-up destination, you may wish to consider an alternative option. You may choose to utilise UBER pick-up service, allowing your order to be safely transported the extra kilometers to your desired location. This ensures that you can still enjoy the exceptional quality and freshness of our live mud crabs, regardless of your availability to collect them in person. Your culinary delight is our priority, and we strive to provide flexible solutions to meet your needs. If choosing to do so, organisation and timing of this service is your responsibility and MACA Mud Crab is not liable for your produce.